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Dec 27, 2023
2007 E350
Good Morning, have just joined these forums and am hopeful of being able to get (and give) advice when needed. I am an Australian (Aussie) living (surviving) in the US and currently own a 2007 E350 with AMG and Avangarde Packs installed.

My aim is to know buy a proper AMG at some point. I only just missed out on getting an SL550 Roadster (can't recall the year) about a year ago for a little under $8000 (negotiable). I hummed and harred over the p[urchase a day too long sad to say.

Anyway, as said, am looking forward to being an active and worth while member here and hope that this place is active as well.
Cheers and thusa far it has been interesting and, dare I say, FUN! :thumb:
Hi and thank you :)
Thanks and unfortunately someone beat me to the SL55 AMG so all I have at the moment is my E350 :)
Welcome to MBClub 👍🏻
thanks appreciate it :)

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