New Mercedes Citan

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Mar 17, 2023
Vito 447
Morning all,

Wasn't sure if this is the correct forum for this, so please move if not!

I've been a member for a while and was going to post up pictures and blab about my new W447 Vito when it arrived, but for various reasons, i haven't yet taken delivery and with that, i have been loaned a base spec manual Citan so i thought i would do a little review for what its worth!

Firstly, as you may already know, its another joint venture between Merc & Renault (Kangoo), however this time around the new Citan is mainly Merc so whilst there is still a fair bit of platform sharing, the aesthetics (mainly internally) are not comparable, and i also understand the suspension and various other bits have been tuned to Mercedes spec (whatever that means).

In the UK, we only get the one ICE that is the 6 speed 1.5 TD 95hp in either manual or auto, although there is an EV due at some point with similar performance.

Inside, the dash is appealing and easy on the eye, although the speedo dials and DIS, especially the lower part is slightly hidden by the centre of the steering wheel boss but whilst that probably isn't a problem for many, my seating position gives me this irritation.

Seats are comfy and has good, fixed lumbar support, but for me it is a little too much so if i sit back in the seat, my back is arched if i rest my shoulders back to the seat.

Reasonable amounts of storage with overhead shelf, a slot on the dash, armrest storage etc

On to the sound system, and this is the latest, albeit base spec MBUX system. Sound quality wise, it is woeful. If anyone is thinking of getting one of these, budget in an amount to have the speakers upgraded as they really are that bad, especially when comparing to other manufacturers. Even this unit is still having issues with CarPlay disconnecting, but there are a couple of things i am going to try to see if i can get to the bottom of it. One other slight annoyance is if you leave it unlocked, open the drivers door to get something and then just close it, the radio comes on, and stays on for a few minutes, even with no key in it. Dumb idea?

Doors are lightweight, and open to 90 degrees, which if i had my way, i would adjust them to not open as wide as it is easy to forget when slinging them open to get out and they disappear out of reach.

Driving is good i would say. Slightly firm on the ride, but by no means crashy and copes quite well with our poor roads. The engine and gearbox are taking a bit of getting used to. When changing gears, it tends to hold on to the revs so when you dip the clutch, as when releasing, if you aren't careful it gets a bit messy. In my opinion, the auto would suit it much better! Once at about 50-60mpm in 6th, there is noticeable drone coming from the engine and because the road noise is quiet, this gets pronounce a little more, but turning up the Fisher Price on board wireless helps a bit.
Brakes are a bit snatchy (van is current at 2800 miles) and they are taking a bit more getting used to, as with the pedal layout. They are quite close together, and the accelerator is easy to press at the same time if you are braking, as the brakes don't really have any effect until the pedal is at the same level, but then once they bite its BAM! You are stopped, and revving the nuts off it.
Steering is very numb and there is very little feedback, and i think this is down to it being a bit too over assisted, it is very light.

Getting fantastic MPG to be fair, top 55-60 most of the time, and that is including a fair bit of urban driving as well. It has good low down torque, and there is little need to get out of third gear, when taking a left turn into a side road as the turbo spools up nice and early. It does run out of puff quite quickly when pressing on though.

I would post up some pictures but if you are that interested its all up on the MB vans webby, plus the one i have is plastered in promotional material and looks like a feckin mobile billboard.

Having said that, if you want me to throw some in, I might consider it for a small fee.
Thats it, there is probably loads of speeling mistakes and grammatical errors but i don't care.

Thanks for watching!


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