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Sep 4, 2003
W123 280TE, W123 200T, W203 C180K

I have just bought my wife a new C180K Avantgarde SE Estate. It is our first Mercedes although we have owned all sorts of new cars over the years both here and in the US.

The car's delivery date is Nov 03. I would like to share my experiences of Mercedes so far...and why we chose the C-Class.

1. She chose the car for the EuroNCAP rating of 5*.
2. Audi wanted £1450 to provide an equivalent colour to Amethyst Violet.
3. My wife would not be seen dead in a BMW.
4. The E-Class estate was huge; too big; she could not park it.
5. Although the facelift C-Class is available to order now, we could not be bothered.
6. Local MB dealer was so snobby we left 'we do not need to discount; we sell every C-Class we can get' rant; bought the car from MB in midlands with an amazing 9% discount.
7. MB dealer OK so far...until they get the money!

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