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Feb 23, 2023
A140 sold, S500 sold, R320 sold, 2004 CLK 500 AMG? Not a real one Nissan Leaf for local trips
Well New to me
Adding to my Mercedes fleet by buying an immaculate E220 SE 125 Blue Efficiency as I have my step daughter coming back to the UK for a while and wants to go touring and whilst I love my CLK 500 cabriolet it doesn’t have the back seats and leg room to make it a good choice for 3 adults and luggage. I looked about for anything that was fit for purpose and I came across this little gem so I am looking forward to picking it up this week. It does have one funny the, the log book, HPI and Car Vertical all say it has had a colour change yes the build sheet says it is the colour that it came from the factory with. It has had no accidents or repairs. Do you think that this is an administrative **** up? Can I get the DVLA to correct the V5C?
Perhaps a previous owner had it wrapped in a different colour, then removed it ready for sale.

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