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Mar 11, 2013
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I'm getting old and forgetful, and want to start using the Calendar feature in Outlook. I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2019, but if I try to open the calendar, I get a popup asking me to download Outlook for Windows. I'm still using Windows 10, and I don't particularly want to move to Windows 11; what I have is fine for my needs (like Windows 7 a few years ago...). Should I take the new offering?
The new outlook is lightweight and it's a great replacement for the crappy windows mail and calendar. Keep in mind that without an 0365 subscription you will get ads in the app. Outlook that shipped with office is a great alternative but it's a bit dated. Majority of users hate change that's why you are always one OS behind. Windows 12 is around the corner
Thank you. I'm not inclined to change yet, so I'll look for a calendar app for the moment, I think.
I saw an offer for Office21 the other day, forget which of the "offer" sites it was on, but it was only about £25. I got my Office19 from Microsoft Licenses - Buy Windows 10 Pro License - TheUnitySoft | Genuine Microsoft Licenses online by download from USA, one for each PC in 2022 for £27 each, they currently have Office Pro Plus 2021 for £40, maybe with a discount code when you first log on to the site.

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