New owner of old R129

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Feb 2, 2011
SL 300-24
Hi all

I picked up a 1991 SL 300-24 in blue-black yesterday. Belonged to the retired owner of the local MB independent for last 6 years but wasn't getting used. Honest, but a bit tatty. They happily lent it to me for a couple of days before I bought, and fixed up the outstanding issues.

I had a C270cdi estate from new for the last 9 years so it's a bit of a change. But I don't do the miles any more as my office is in the garden, so it's gone to someone who will appreciate a great mile-eater (ave 44 mpg) and I have acquired something to put a smile on my face on the rare occasions I venture out. (less than 6k miles last year).

Hope it all turns out well, and I have already raided a lot of the collective wisdom on this forum, for which I say thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to the forum
Hi Jon
Welcome to the forum
Hope you get loads of Enjoyment from your latest Mercedes :thumb:
Hi Jon, Welcome
I hope you have as much fun with your R129 as I've had with mine. They are astonishing cars.
Hi & welcome - good choice of car! ;)
Hi & welcome from me too. As has been said, the R129 is a fantastic car bring on the summer and you'll love it even more. Great value for money too!

Would be keen to see some pictures of it, I love Blue Black as a colour.
Thanks for all the welcomes.

<i>Would be keen to see some pictures of it, I love Blue Black as a colour.</i>

I plan to take some, but the colour varies dramatically with the light. I have had grey and brown suggested so far as the colour(!)

HI,welcom ive got an old sl,and i have recieved top class infor from this fourm,youre in good company enjoy
Looks great, as I said before fantastic colour. My mum had a W202 in that colour.
Welcome - Nice purchase, you're in good company ;)

Fancy doing a favour for a fellow forum member? I have just put a repl. engine in mune and the guy who helped me de-install the old one didnt label up all the vacuum-pipes on the inlet manifold and gearbox hence I am, well, snookered. Would you fancy checking them out for me? It would mean taking off the airfilter box is all, i need to know:-

Are the two vacuum lines that run from the bulkhead/firewall below the wiper (pink and green) both routed down the drivers side of the gearbox?

I'll post a picture of the rest, easier? hope you can help a disgruntled owner smile again ;)
Hi John

no problem with having a go but will it wait until the weekend? I am leaving in about ten minutes and not around til sat.


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