New poster, new to me C63

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Dec 19, 2016
Evening all,

First time poster on here. I actually bought the car in July, it's taken me this long (and two failed attempts) to join the forum :fail

I've long been a petrol head, fairly certain having a father in the motor trade through my entire childhood contributed to that. I lived in London throughout the majority of my twenties and so went without wheels for a long time. I eventually puckered up and bought a vx220, it was completely impractical (could barely clear the speed bumps in the road I lived in and would often shed it's front number plate) but I loved it. Owned it for two years before buying a house forced it's sale. I was comforted at the time by the fact it had lost no money during my ownership, however it has probably now appreciated somewhat due to their rarity.

Following that I ran a 2008 Z4 coupe 3.0 SI for two and a half years. It was a great car and I enjoyed owning it immensely. That engine is a masterpiece (for it's size and power) and I think it is the best looking bangle-era car to come out of BMW. The coupe shape also made it surprisingly practical at times, if you ignore the fact that it had no rear seats. Anyway, it was getting to the point where it was about to start costing me money - it developed an exhaust rattle, the clutch was on its way out, was due 4 new tyres and a service, it was on it's original brakes (80k miles) and was generally feeling a little loose/vague on the handling front - so probably needed new bushes (best case scenario). So the decision was made to change, which brings me onto the next car...

Since the E9x M3 was released in 2007 (I know, contradicts the thread title) I've always wanted one, so the decision was made that Mrs T9JVG and I would go and look at a couple that a local BMW garage had up for sale. After driving two different examples, whilst I thought the car was great, it was only great when you were really, really pushing on. I had a fairly lengthy test drive and only twice managed to get it beyond 4k RPM, such is the nature of the congested roads in the south. I just had this nagging feeling that I wouldn't be able to use it properly and it would therefore feel like a regular 3 series the majority of the time I was in it. There were also questions about how "future proof" a two door coupe would be given our ambitions of starting a family, I didn't want to spend £30k plus and then have to shift it on in a years time.

So the only logical move from there was the C63. I'd never driven one before considering it, but they have a bit of a reputation for being a hoot and outrageously outrageous! I drove a couple at a local merc dealer but didn't like either for varying reasons (mainly spec and condition) - but I loved the car. The following day one cropped up in Surrey, I made the phone call, did some bartering over the course of a Sunday and put a deposit down over the phone. I got a reasonable trade on the Z and was looking forward to collection. That was a few months ago.

Fast forward a few months and I'm smitten - it is an amazing car. The engine is incredible, pulls like a train from 1500RPM and the noise is filthy. It has all the toys I need (benefit of buying a range topper) and has a massive Q Car factor. From the front it looks like a C180 with AMG trim, the only major giveaways are the brakes, side badge and quad exhausts. Cue lots of hilarious traffic light moments and giving an unlucky older gent an apparent heart attack (the noise) when pulling off from a pedestrian crossing. One thing that really makes it stand out from the M3 is, despite being a far blunter tool, you can have more fun more often. I use it to drive a fairly dull route to work and it puts a smile on my face every time I get in it - that alone is well worth the expense. I also think I got it for a very good price, looking at the classifieds, 5/6 year old versions of the same car are trading hands for 2/3k less, so I don't stand to lose a lot (oil availability dependant).

I don't really dislike anything about the car, apart from fuel consumption - but I know that would be the case before I got involved so I can't have any complaints. Although 15mpg on the work run does hurt a little. The best I've seen is 23 on a long motorway run....
Spec wise it is a little "standard", silver exterior, black interior and 18's - but it doesn't bother me - I did look at a nice grey one on 19's but it was a year older, 10k more miles, in worse nick and 3k more - no brainer really

Anyway, some pics (hopefully this works, never been to hot with photo uploads on forums

I'm afraid I don't have any of the interior, but it's relatively standard c-class

I reckon if you get as excited as I do about a wheel, caliper and disc, then you are a true petromanic

And lastly, some hairy off-roading trying to park at Ashridge on a busy summers day

Planned future mods are stripping out the 2nd cats to free up some of the noise - get's very good reviews, and I quite like the look of the carbon rear diffuser, but both can wait until the manufacturers warranty expires.

Hope you like it

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Hello and welcome. Congrats on the new car. Looks a stunner.

Well done on a great intro too. Look forward to seeing your posts.

Great looking car - I was in a very similar situation a month back - and just like you living the car - just need to get my head around the small fuel tank - a small price to pay in my opinion.

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You will certainly enjoy it....2nd cat delete will give it a bit more growl
Thanks all, no major plans for it for the next few months but the moment I start playing around the exhaust I'll be sure to share my experiences

welcome to the forum, great choice of car and colour! Enjoy!

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