New Rear Tyres required for my slk32AMG


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Mar 30, 2007
Dorset UK
June 2002 SLK32///AMG. OCT 2007 CLK350 AMG Sport Convertible.
The car is currently shod with Pirelli P Zero 225 45 ZR17 91Y on the front, (rated to 186mph), and Pirelli P Zero 245 40 R17 91w, (rated to 165mph), on the rear. (Hmmn) Didn't notice that when I bought them through the MB dealer four years ago :doh:, they are just about within 5 mph on the limit of the cars standard trim, but not to spec as recommended in the Owner’s Manual. Further more, they are underrated if the ECU was remapped and way underrated if the limiter was removed altogether.

Anyway that aside, I've got 22000 miles out of them, (which isn't bad I suppose), but now they are on the boarder line of needing replacement.

So what’s the verdict, stick with Pirelli or try something else? If so what?
:dk: Current price for Pirelli P Zero 245 40 ZR17 91Y will cost £133 each.

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Jan 21, 2005
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I've had P-Zeros on my rear for the last three changes - I've noticed that the last set is wearing much quick despite driving more gently - so I'll be switching to Contis or maybe Michelin depending upon the deal I can strike come time.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the compound has changed.

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