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Jun 1, 2002
When I got my new car it only came with one key, so I ordered a new key to go with it. It already had a new style key and the new one I ordered is the same. What amazes me is that they bothered to include a little bag of different coloured buttons to release the blade! Attention to detail or what?

If you have a silver benz and a black benz you can change the caps to match, or if you have multiple keys for one car you can colour each key for a person or something. Who cares why you'd want to do it but I think it's cool! I wrenched the black one off the original key and put a blue one on it, and put a red one on the brand new key. Cute eh?



If you have the slightly older style key you can probably still use one of these keys, the part number is A 203 766 40 06 (trailed by 9999 - I think you need to include the VIN of the car in order to get the key already working for your car, parts HQ code the key to work on the next available EIS slot on your car) . The key is about £35 and the blade part (the actual KEY) is about £9 . The key is next day from parts HQ and the blade takes a day or two to arrive (mine hasn't arrived yet) . Don't forget to take your V5 document, passport, driving licence, MOT certificate, insurance certificate, recent utility bill, letter from your doctor and two references from a non family-member with you ;) :rolleyes:


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Jul 14, 2002
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I ordered the new key too as I only had one older style key and the flat thing.

Prefer the new one as it looks modern, fits in pocket easier as it's smaller and has a shiney star!


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Jul 21, 2002

I'm chuffed you got the key mate - but my local dealer wouldnt even speak to me until my wifes name was on the V5 - orders from MB apparently! - so we decided to leave it until it was serviced!

I'd just ordered £260 of parts for the car, just had it serviced and we had - deep breath

1. Car - outside the stelaers because they had just serviced it !
2. insurance policy - not cover note
3. V5 - just got it back in my wifes name
4. MOT certificate and Bill of sale for a dealer for the car !
5. Passport - with wifes "favourite photo" on it :)
6. Credit card and Company Credit card in my wifes name plus assortment in my name !
7. Several utility bills and a crdeit card statement in wifes handbag :)

8 - the sticking point - wife didnt have licence - so she went home and got it -15 miles away ! - when she came back, her licence was still at out old address - sorry no key then Sir ! - direct order from MB :(

And we wonder why Dave E got upset by the same attitude


Still with 1 key for the car !!!!

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