(New to me) C140

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Sorry; should have said HAD. The reason I can't remember is that it was a few years ago. There is or was a bloke trading as the London Sunroof Company and he'd sort whatever the problem was quickly and at a reasonable cost.
Good thought !

Down in deepest Surrey there's something similar, if an expert needs to be called in: Repair | Surrey Sunroofs - Aftermarket Sunroof Installation & Repair

Top tip: a telephone "consult" is free and can often save the full journey for a silly minor fix.
Hi all,

So had the chance to have a better look over the car this weekend as time finally permitted. Also read the owners manual from cover to cover (sometimes it helps!) and now understand why there are 2x lithium batteries in the glove box 😆 .

I cleaned out the drains (maybe) in the Sunroof - more on that in the "Interior" thread.

Have also now figured out the interior light issue following reading the manual - I was making an assumption as to what the switches did and was completely wrong. In the process I learned that the switch on the drivers side door that triggers the lights on and off is faulty and broken so a replacement has been ordered (£5.30 delivered!) - passenger side one is fine so could test easily.

Issues I have found that need sorting - apart from the water leak and light switch...

- Rear Parking Sensor radar display left-hand-side does not work - doesn't light up or anything.
- Glove box light does not work (hopefully just the bulb).
- Passenger Seatbelt Presenter rod has broken about 4cm in so although it does work, the end keeps coming out! I've got an idea for that that doesn't involve replacing the mechanism and will see what I can achieve this coming weekend.
- Front parking sensor radar displays are both very feint. Is there any way to brighten them? Main interior dash lights are all fine, it is just the radar displays above the centre and drivers-side vents.

I think that's all for now!

Going on a nice long run to Scotland next week so looking forward to that - weather permitting!

Morning all,

I have posted similar elsewhere, but for those who haven't seen, here is my new-to-me CL420. Have been looking and thinking for a few months and now finally took the plunge.

View attachment 153588

View attachment 153589

View attachment 153590

I have a few things to look at already - there's a leak on the passenger side at the front coming from the top of the A pillar area (which I am hoping is a blocked sunroof drain), the interior lights seem to have a mind of their own and don't always come on or operate from the switches and the rear parking interior radar thingy (no idea what it's called yet!) only works on one side.

At least that's all I've found so far! I picked her up on Saturday and not had the time yet to properly go through everything.

Oh and going to replace the radio with a period-correct CD unit instead. Strangely no CD changer in the boot but I don't mind only having a single-slot CD in the front - easier in some ways.

MOT was fresh on Friday, clear and has been for a few years (apart from tyres a couple of years ago) which is good and she's only done 78,000 miles. Leak is the priority as that is annoying in the rain we are having at the moment and I don't know what other damage it could be doing. The previous owner kept it in a barn with others so probably wouldn't have noticed it.

Drive is amazing - looking forward to many more miles in her soon.

Very nice. I do prefer a 2 door car these days. 👍
Brilliant car. One of the last real mercs with the W124.
Look after it OP it will serve you well.
It is just about run in now.!!!!
I am a tad envious.

Pour boiling water down the sunroof drains and prod with curtain wire.
Brilliant car. One of the last real mercs with the W124.
Look after it OP it will serve you well.
It is just about run in now.!!!!
I am a tad envious.

Pour boiling water down the sunroof drains and prod with curtain wire.
That's why I bought one - the last of the proper ones.

I plan to look after it - get things sorted that need sorting and then treat her well.

78,000 miles - I think run in around 100,000!

Thanks re: drains - didn't think of boiling water and I've got a brush thing to help so will see what happens...

Good one.

Only problem with the brushes is they tend to be limited in size.

Ps Mobil 1 oil. My w124 ran on mobile 1 and the engine was good as new also the same on my W220.

If I was more car savvy years ago I would have kept my W124. Many shared components on the W124 and W140.

If you are keeping and can diy, get the bottom cleaned and give it a waxoyl.
The brush I've got has a 1.5m flexi-rod attached to it so it gets where it needs to :)

Cheers for the pointers.


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