New Virus related Scam (to me anyway)

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    Not head of this one before.

    Friend phoned to say he had had a couple of phone calls from someone claims to be a MS accredited body, saying he had a polymorphic virus and they could talk them through the removal on the phone.

    Friend is savvy enough to tell them where to to go, but phoned me to check, googled a couple of bits of info he gave me and hit a couple of other reports of the same thing (but only a couple - so it might be quite a new idea).

    I suspect they are trying to get you to download something or allow them to remote desktop to your machine.

    Anyone heard of this sort of scam before?
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  2. johny5_uk

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    Similar thing happened to my parents a couple of months back. They had my mums name and a few other bits of info, from the short conversation she had with them it would appear they were trying to sell her virus protection (although she wasnt sure and hung up pretty quick due to the shock of them knowing quite a bit of info).
    The internet highway criminals nowadays are ruthless and keyloggers can be a scary thought (not saying that the above happened with a keylogger).
    She has since bought an Apple Macbook.

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