New w213 E63s

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Nov 29, 2013
Build slot is booked, expected delivery end of April !!!

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What spec you gone for?
Tell us so we can all get excited along with you!
Look forward to the pictures, this will be an epic E class!
Sounds good and it looks like a cracking car from the reviews. Could be on my shortlist in a few years...
Out of interest have MB announced UK pricing yet?
E63 £77065

E63S £86425

E63S Edition 1 £102120!

It's up on the configurator now.
Rataxes said:
E63 £77065 E63S £86425 E63S Edition 1 £102120! It's up on the configurator now.
could you post a link to the pricing and specs. I can't find it? Local dealer has told me they are not on the site yet?

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What a god dam beast this thing is.
Phil, ur a baller lol


Very good choice. Will be a weapon
It's disappeared from the configurator. Was definitely there last week.
Just had a look at prices on and depending on spec you can get 6-7k off at the moment.
I aim to order one here in Canada when they come out later this year.
Normally 6 months behind the UK launch.
But looks likely to be $119,000 with tax for the E63S (Which is about £72,000)

Would be interesting to see what potential you could get out of the new Engine, compared to the current 5.5 Bi Turbo E63S I have, which tops over 700Bhp on a simple remap.

If you could do that with the new one, and with 4WD.. that would be able to stutter the Earths Rotation momentarily on launch control.. lol.

Cant wait... am Jealous that Fil28 is getting one soon..
Probably my ideal all rounder car and something I may end up owning a few years down the line. An e class Merc, an AMG, awd... what's not to like especially the power output! Congrats OP.

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