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Apr 30, 2023
C class
Hi all,

Just joined. Don’t have a car at the moment but hoping to buy a C Class shortly.

I’ve never had a Merc before and have been trying to read up on them, I guess this place is a good place to start to learn more?

My planned purchase will be a V6 diesel , ideally a 350CDI.

I’m currently waiting on my tax refund as I’m self employed, I’m also going to be selling my van to add to the budget, which will hopefully be around 6k. What I’ve been looking at for that budget is 2010-2011 cars.

I would line to hear any advice on these cars please.

I’ve read about balance shaft problems, but I believe this is on pre 2008 cars?

I know full service history is a must have.

At what intervals would the timing chain need replacing? I know this depends a lot on how well it’s been serviced, but an approximate mileage will do, just so that I can either avoid or budget.

Any other things to be aware of? Common problems? Expensive fixes

Thanks very much
Hello Sean, Welcome to the forum.

I didn't own an OM642 V6 diesel, but from what I researched when buying my W204 C-class these engines have a common problem with the oil cooler seals going which are deep inside the V of the engine.

The balance shaft problems affected the petrol 3.5l V6 M272 and they were rectified in 2008.
Hi Sean, and welcome to the group! Nice engine....
You shouldn't expect to be replacing the timing chain on the OM642 engine.

As said oil cooler seals, about 9 hours work to replace 2 'o'rings worth pennies. But if the later 'o' rings are already installed they shouldn't need replacing again, I believe.

Inlet port shut off motors can suffer from oil from the turbo spigot seal. That can be averted by preventative actions.

Personally I would aim for an E class, there is so much more in them.

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