Newbie from VAG to Mercedes (W211)

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Nov 13, 2013
'04 W211 E220 Cdi
Hey all,

It's been a week since I delved into the world of Mercedes ownership and bought my '04 E220 Cdi, and of course I'm already finding gremlins and problems with the car, but I suppose that's half the "fun".

As the title suggests, I've come over from the VW/VAG world/scene, my previous project being the below car in case anyone was interested.


Hoping to take the E class in a similar direction, albeit a little more subtle and classy! :rolleyes: However with a wedding next year to pay for, it'll be a little while before I can properly get things going.

For now, it's some light maintenance and OEM+ mods e.g. white LED number plate and side lights and maybe a set of AMG wheels, if the Mrs will let me! :fail

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