Newbie with an odd trunk latch issue

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Jan 3, 2017
Assisi, Italy
2001 C220 CDI Avantgarde
Hi everyone. I tried to search the site for anything on the infamous trunk not opening on the 2001 c220 W203's, but nothing. I have read most everything on the US site, along with other articles, but nothing actually confronts my problem.

All my buttons work, the motor wizzes, but no pop or even trying to pop. Tried with my key, motor wizzes when I pull the handle, still nothing. The handle has pressure when I pull it, as does the key when I turn it counter clockwise. I checked to make sure it wasn't in valet position, and it wasn't. When I turn the key I can here it moving, but just doesn't seem to reach the latch release.

I have tried unbolting the rear seatback, but of course the pivot bolts won't allow it to be moved at all. So I am asking the all knowing forum for any tips or help. Thanks in advance.

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