Nick Mason open day

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Nov 11, 2016
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I can't make it this year but it's a nice little day out with the chance to see some real 'Unicorn' (staggeringly valuable) cars that are not behind a rope or on a plinth. His guys must spend days getting grubby fingerprints off the paintwork :)

Appears to be just one day this year ? I am sure I Remember it as a 2 day event 🤷‍♂️ ?

Yes, previously a two day event.

Worried about attendance in these challenging times?
Possibly, Or his insurance company said no to leaving £150 million worth of cars standing in the garden overnight :p Not enough garage space at the house for all of them and his storage 'barn/workshop' is a little way away . It's possible most are driven there as many are road registered but some are not. It must be a lot of work to get them all in place , especially for just one day. But it is for Charideee.

We go on the Saturday usually and it gets busy . If you are going Middlwick lane is very narrow but on the day it's made one way by opening a private (tar) road at its end taking vehicles through a private estate back on to the main road. The car park is a field , mown grass and pretty flat . There were a scattering of Supercars parked in it last time , so suitable for any car.
It definitely is for two days.

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