Nightmare today .

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Apr 23, 2004
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Spent all morning polishing the car , even Harly Waxed the wheels , popped out at lunchtime to run Angela back to work .....

I was queueing in traffic at a roundabout , when a kid in a Peugeot 106 rear ends me having failed to notice that the traffic was stopped , hits me at 40 mph :crazy:

Shunts me into the car in front , which shunts into the car in front of that and we all end up in a heap on the roundabout.

Angelas back hurts , my neck aches , car is ***ked , what a great day .

Car is at MB now , waiting for an assessor , i am off to the pub. Really seriosuly F***ed off right now.


Gutted for you.

A lightweight pile for French c£$p did that :eek: :eek: :eek: sure it wasn't doing more than 40?
This is the piece of **** that did it ...

Hardly looks damaged in comparison ...

Have a drink, Howard. A bloody big drink.

Car looks a sorry sight, and I'm sorry for you both. Hope the aches can be cured with alcohol.
For someone who takes great pride in their car Howard this is terrible.:eek: :eek: Pray to god the guy has good insurance. Get fully checked out medically by a specialist for any whiplash type injury even if you feel OKish. It might be advisable to wear a soft collar for a week or so to minimise movement. With potential neck damage like this its best to get assessed ASAP.
As to the car bearing in mind its age and cost of repair its touch and go I would say. Be prepared for some hard decision making.:(
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what a disaster .. very sorry to hear about it.

at least you are not hurt .. make sure you get checked out properly for whiplash.

am really gutted for you.

all the best
I'm very sorry to hear your news. Fingers crossed you both feel better after a w/e rest and relaxation.
Ouch. Think it could be written off?

Shame his "anchors" weren't better (see other thread ;) )
I hope not Graham , i really like the car , its one owner from new , with a full MBSH. As far as i can see ( i'm no mechanic ) its just bodywork damage .

2 new front wings
slam panel
rad ? and air con condensor
pulleys and drive belt
headlamps and foglamps
front bumper and valance
rear OS quarter panel
rear bumper and valance
rear lights

Structure seems sound , i drove it 2 miles to the local MB place ( slowly )

Another pleasant view . :crazy:

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Sorry to hear that...... have a few drinks and rest those backs.....
looks like you were surrounded by French rubbish
This is the piece of **** that did it ...

Hardly looks damaged in comparison ...

that because most of the impact energy went from your car to the car in front
Hi Howard.

Gutted. When you really look after your car it's even worse.

If you believe you have not got whiplash - wait till you wake up tomorrow. I was rear-ended by a Maestro a few years ago, (I was in an Audi) and my back got steadily stiffer over a few days. The silly c*w in the maestro even had her kids, unbelted, on the back seat.

Dont let the insurance stiff you on repairs. Get a decent solicitor (by recommendation - not the freephone mobs) and get your interests looked after.

To help you feel a bit better - I've got a few holiday cottage apartments & caravans up near Southport. Why not bring Angela up for a couple of nights - no charge - on the house. Peace & quiet (no kids), village pub a few minutes walk away, and a nice outdoor Hot Tub to ease the aches away.

drop me an email - [email protected]
Really sorry to hear about this Howard. Hope it gets sorted with the minimum of aggravation.
This was the car in front , you can see the energy involved ...


That is a very very kind offer . I shall be in touch :)

Thank you ever so much.
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Ouch!!! :(

Really gutted for you Howard, but I'm pretty sure that's going to be an un-economic repair. Would you want it back after all of that damage (not just the visable stuff)

Where abouts did that happen?

Deffo get yourself checked out if you're in any doubt, that looks like quite a forceful shunt indeed.

Hope you get it all sorted, remember to push them for a decent courtesy car until this is all sorted out when you feel up to it.

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