No boot lights or door courtesy lights

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Jan 25, 2022
S211 E320 Cdi IL6
Hi all,

Recently purchased a 2003 e320 cdi and noticed that the two lights on each door card (one clear, one red) do not work at all along with the footwell lights and the rear boot lights. And come to think of it the wing mirror courtesy lights.
The ambient lighting and button lights on both dome lights flicker like there’s a disco going on.
Checked fuses and can’t find any missing or unplugged harnesses in the roof space to the front dome light.
The car has had a new battery and alternator voltage regulator.
It has an upgraded android head unit can this interfere?
The only things that work are the door open/close dome lights and the map lights and glove box light. They work fine.
Would the led number plate bulbs be anything related?

Any light on the matter would be appreciated 👍
No never got a fix, the ambient lighting flickers constantly, footwell lights and door card lights do not work regardless of time of day I thinks looms split possibly
I think you will have more than just one fuse box ,,you may have up to three fuse boxes ,, so did you check them all ?

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