No Man Left Behind event Sunday 21st April

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May 20, 2015
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For those interested in the North West the above club event is at BAE Systems Warton this Sunday. Last one attracted a huge number of cars despite the weather. The weather this Sunday looks promising so the event will be busy but the car park is gigantic so no lack of space.
As expected the above meeting was busy with a handful of interesting MB's including a Brabus 650, SL500, a much lowered and BBS equipped '72 280 SE(?) and others.
I thought about popping up but, unfortunately, have a couple of fuelling issues so I've decided not to risk using the truck till I sort them out for the Newby Hall event on the 5th May.

Glad it was a good turnout and enjoyable, at least we had the weather for it yesterday. :)

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