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Jan 27, 2023
Mercedes GLA
Hi all, I have a problem with my reverse camera guidelines on my GLA 2016, I have just recently had a new ignition switch fitted and since then my reverse camera guidelines are not working on the screen?

I have trawled through the internet for days and I can’t find an answer to this. Any help would be massively helpful!

Don't post the same thing in multiple areas of the Forum. It makes it harder for everyone to follow 👍

Was any coding required after the ignition switch was replaced?

If the two events are related then I would be asking whoever carried out this work to look at it.
Hi, yes there was coding involved with the ignition switch. I will get back to the garage who replaced the ignition switch.

Thanks for the reply.
Camera probably needs 'Initial Startup' and re-calibrating - which needs a bit of kit which I think no independents except comand online / has - so it may need a dealer visit !

could it simple as something in settings on the command unit.
could it simple as something in settings on the command unit.
Sadly not - the lines are generated by the camera. It is slightly strange it has forgotten them, but it possibly saw the VIN changed (to no VIN) when the EZS was installed and cleared it's calibration.

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