Noise after oil and filter change

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Sep 3, 2023
Jeep patriot 2.1 om651

Backstory … I have a jeep patriot which runs the 2.1 om651 engine … decided to give it a fresh oil and filter when I brought it (even though it had one 4k miles prior at a garage) .. I brought proper spec shell helix ultra 5w30 (£92) and I used a genuine Mercedes oil filter with new seals .. SINCE changing the oil and filter I seem to believe I can hear chain/tensioner rattle for a few seconds on startup .. but ironically .. it’s heard usually when the cars WARM??

Why would this have happened do you think? Shell helix ultra 5:30

And my second question is .. how do I access the tensioner if I need to replace it for a new one?
the OM651 tensioner/timing chain is located at the rear of the engine. I believe the chain may be replaced in-situ but not the tensioner? Do a search in the forum engine section under OM651 timing chain replacement. lots of video on youtube also

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Yep on my C class it was done, chain and tensioner while the engine was in situ. No issues.

Not sure on the jeep.

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