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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by nrg220, Sep 19, 2011.

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    I have a W2004 2007 220CDI and use a Nokia 6310i and it works fine, recently I put my spare Nokia in the cradle, same one 6310i and Comand said no phone installed. Both work out of the cradle on Bluetooth in the car OK but one doesnt work in the cradle.

    Both have the same software version, all pins and connections are the same and all ok so has anyone had this experience and whats the problem.

    I realise the phone could be consided ancient now but they are still a good phone and I got the cradle free so kept using the phone.

    Just bemused as to why one works in the cradle, the other doesnt. Oh yes the one that doesnt work in the cradle seems to charge intermittanly on off on off whilst the other doesnt, I have tried different batteries so its not that.......frustrating but not a disaster I suppose :wallbash:
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    Yes the 6310i is an ancient phone, has these problems that you have to answer the call and cannot give any "run out of battery" excuse. The same with calling back at strong sunlight, cannot say you were not able to read the phone display... :)

    You seem to have done the homework, cleaning the connector should help the phone to charger properly and an old SW release might not work with the car kit. Perhaps it is an issue with the connector inside the phone. If I remember right, the interface connector is not soldered to the circuit board and some water condensation and corrosion or simply dust in the phone could make these pins conduct intermittently.

    Does this other phone charge properly with a mains charger?

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