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Paul Grainger

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Dec 15, 2002
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I am considering installing a Nokia phone to my Comand equipped CLK . I already have installed a D2B line to my CD autochanger, this installation was easy and required no re-configuring of the Comand unit. I have been looking on E-bay to source the necessary equipment, but I am slightly confused. I obviously need the correct Nokia phone, and a control unit with the necessary D2B connection. I know that the D2B connection is a simple series (optical) connection with the autochanger and the Comand unit. There seems to be two different types of control unit available - I don't know which type I need. the 'smaller' units are very cheap, the 'larger' units often are supplied complete with phone. Also on offer on E-bay is a cable connection kit - including a multi-pole D connector..... Do I need this also?.... Does the Comand have to be configured to recognise the phone?...What model phone do I need?
Can anybody help.........


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