Non merc gearbox question

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The G.F.P

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Jun 9, 2008
The co-creator of my child has a P redg renault megan 1.6rxe auto :eek:

the car goes into all gears fine

reverse works as normal

but all the foward gears start to pull off if you leave it in drive but as soon as you accelerate the car revs and jolts foward then just revs and the car drives at about 4 mph

now is the gearbox fooked or has something come loose

the car has only done 50,000 miles
I don't know them intimately, but auto box failure of the type you describe is common on these, and mileage sounds about right for that. Renault do an exchange box for about £1200 IIRC, but may be beyond the value of the car??
she had let the thing get low on oil

put in 2 1itre things of gearbox oil and could still have used more

car is worth £300 ish if working !

i am having to let her use the gfp3 as i wont let her drive the gfp2 as its got new unscuffed alloys and i like them that way

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