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Jan 28, 2010
E200 1993, E300 Coupe 2019
My son has a Honda 2000 that needs some work done on it, he lives nr Braintree, Essex, can anyone recommend a garage in that area that may be able to help him please, thanks :)
I have a mate in Essex although he has a Mazda Mx5 I'll give him a text and try found out which place he uses for the work
Can anyone else help?
Nice car . The s2000 is a fairly simple car to work on so I would think nearly any decent garage would be ok .
I used to do work on my ole one all the time . What's wrong with it ?
TGM are the only worth while indies to use in the U.K. Imo if it is a specialist you need
It's burning through coolant and every now and then chucking white smoke out the exhaust. Garage reckons it's the head gasket needs replacing but they say they
can't do I! It had a compression check and it was ok.

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