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Nov 30, 2005
I have recently used Fuel Injection Services in Burscough, Lancs, 01704 893354. Spoke to Steve who organised the correct :rolleyes: heater hose after I'd supplied the wrong one, didn't take the urine on consumables and took apart my diesel pump, replaced stop solenoid, refitted it all for £672. I know from the break down paperwork that he charged £70 less for the labour for the pump being taken off and refitted than another highly recommended garage in the NW.

I'd rung around the specialists in the area and made the decision on my F-i-L using him for the same job 4 years ago and a nod from my usual garage.

He does CDi servicing and is Delphi registered :confused: , doesn;t replace CDi injectors though:eek:

All in all kept me informed and stuck with the calibrating when the pump wasn't playing ball, good service.

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