Not the starter relay or bridgeing it

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Jan 23, 2010
W203 C180k automatic estate
On an 05 E220cdi it won't start despite a fully charged battery and new starter relay. The last time this happened it was the relay as I bridged the 2 top pins at the fuse box and the starter went.

Not this time..

I know the starter is bad to get to but don't want to buy one to find it's not that. Is there anything else I can do to check it apart from bridging the relay pins at the box.

I also couldn't find fuse 59, every other dam one but that. They were all ok anyway.
At the solenoid small terminal check you have 12v when in the start position.
Check you have 12v at the main starter connection.
Check you have a good earth to the starter body. So this by either putting your voltmeter to starter main terminal and starter earth and seeing if you get battery voltage.
If you are feeling brave, short the small solenoid terminal to the large terminal. This should turn the starter/engine.
All usual safety procedures apply with rotating parts and ensuring you don’t short anything to earth.
If all the above is ok then that suggets the starter motor is faulty.
If the problem is a sluggish starter let us know and I can advise on how to test 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I know what you're saying but it's stuck in a public carpark plus a lot of stuff at the top of the engine to come off to get to the starter.

Maybe need to get the rac when I think about it.
Why is it that bridging the 2 top relay pins at the box made the starter turn before but not this time. What's happened.
Again thanks for all the replies and help

It's getting scrapped as the mot's out I didn't know so rac won't lift it and no way I'm I fixing the pita of bloody starter in carpark.
A lazy starter can often be coaxed into life with a hammer tap on its body. The shaft of the hammer is usually enough - and easier to thread through a gap than the hammer's head.
You try it on an old e220 it's getting scrapped as there's other stuff wrong

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