Nothing Major Wrong ????

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Lol. It's just the camber of where it is parked - it will be fine on a flat road I'm sure. :crazy:

Private number plate. worth over "250"

Yes, to people who like buying expensive bits of plastic.
What's up guys...just needs a bit of the air in the tyres lol:D
cant believe some people, utter t*** lol
Private number plate. worth over "£2.50"

Fixed that :thumb:

Would the "sag" be due to the suspension pump not working or the struts leaking?

it could be any number of things, maybe just needs topped up with "elbow grease" :dk:
What a P.O.S. I can't see that going for what the 'private' or appropriate age-related plate which happens to have only two digits (delete as applicable) is allegedly worth.
There isn't one straight panel or repeated colour on any of it! The only thing that it's got going for it is the right rear air bag works. Unlike the right rear tyre.

Edited - actually, just noticed it's up for a grand. At least a few £k's worth of parts broken.
To be fair, if the engine and gearbox are any good it's worth somewhere near the asking price for parts.
Also in the car's favour is the fact that it has "natnav!"
mercmush said:
Also in the car's favour is the fact that it has "natnav!"

Brilliant, must be the upgrade of 'NagNav'.

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