Novel way to avoid parking charges

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What offence or contract breach has he committed?
Is it the implied contract that they will pay the stated rate for the time their car was parked?

Firstly, without knowing the place, date, and time, no legal action can be taken.

Then, we don't know from the footage if:

(a) The event was outside the car park's charging hours (even though the barrier was lowered)

(b) The car was inside the car park for less than the minimum amout of time required for payment (usually 10 to 15 minutes)

(c) The driver may have paid for the parking in full but decided to drive under the barrier just for fun

(d) The event may have occured in a disused car park

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used to be able to do that at Limoges airport until they lowered the barriers a couple of years ago!
That ladies and gentlemen is North Shields fish quay. The area the car is driving out of is not a car park but an area that adjoins the river wall and is probably owned by the port of Tyne authority or similar. The driver may well have been there legally and just not bothered to open the barrier, why? because he doesn't have to..
I'd probably do the same thing if I could (legally of course :rolleyes: ).
The next question is :

Besides the Caterham / Lotus 7 , how many other cars are low enough to do that ?

Smart Roadster ?

Certainly not my SL . Perhaps a lot of older sports cars with lowerable/removable aero screens ...
....The Batmobil? :D
Batman would just crash through the barrier anyway :D

So would 007 .
A doctor friend of mine used to do this going in and out of the hospital staff car park. To give an idea of how long ago we're talking about - she drove a Fiat X1/9.

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