Nox sensor issues with a fault code picture

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Jul 5, 2011
w211 E280 cdi 2008
Hi there just had the Nox sensor errors on my e class C9E609D7-9707-47BE-BCA6-367B6CC6803C.jpeg S212 2016 e220 cdi bluetec estate 148k but ive only had it a few months I had a diagnosis from my local picture attached so here is my question I am not sure witch senor it is from what Ive read its the front one part number 0009051412 the rear part number is 0009051612 I’m having issues that Mercedes’ has told me they are on back order so none available I do a lot of miles as a taxi driver I keep seeing about having them and the adblue coded out does this have any issues going forward with catalytic converters erg dpf etc please let me know also if anyone has another part number or any idea where I can get a sensor or should I just get them and the adblue coded out also if I get the adblue coded out does this mean I no longer need adblue? Thanks in advance
If the adblue is coded out, the car no longer thinks it has it, so no more adblue or nox sensor issues. No more big bills to replace parts that were not fit for purpose in the first place.
Downside is it's illegal to use on a public road, but hundreds are doing it everyday and passing MOT's does not seem to be a problem. Your choice.

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