O2 Lambda sensor change CLC 220 CDI

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Dave Hardwick

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Nov 6, 2016
CLC 220 cdi, Vito 115 Sport, Sprinter 312d, 316 CDI Motorhome.
I have just bought A CLC 220 CDI Sport 2010 and having plugged in an OBD reader and even though there was no MIL warning code P2237 was showing. O2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 open circuit. This is either a break in the wiring or the heater element has failed.

Here is the procedure to replace the sensor.

Remove undertray and unplug the sensor then feed the wire to a place where it can be withdrawn to the top of the engine.


Remove the engine cover. Remove pipes to the airbox, Remove electrical connectors. Lift the front of the airbox, slide towards the front of the vehicle to remove.


Remove heatshield to expose Cat where the O2 sensor can be seen.


Remove O2 sensor. It's a bit awkward but an O2 socket and short extension will enable this to be done.


Fit the new sensor and reassembly is the reverse of above! The original sensor was of Bosch manufacture, I fitted a Bosch replacement without the additional MB part number!!!!

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Did the sensor stand the test of time? Would this be the same sensor as on a 2011 E200 CDI?

Any idea what the original part number was and crucially which part number it was replaced with? Any links? Where was it sourced from? How much was it? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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