OBD Blutooth Adapter C63 - Torque Pro App

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May 12, 2016
C63 - Tuned

Anyone recommend a reliable and not too expensive obd bluetooth adapter for the C63. Its to interface tothe torque pro / drmerc mobile apps please? Anyone using these in their c63's?

I use one for my C63. Just get one off ebay. They are about £10 and it's simply a bluetooth link for the phone to do the technical stuff.

want a reputable but good value one. Worried about pluging an ebay one in the car's bus

want a reputable but good value one. Worried about pluging an ebay one in the car's bus

Don't be daft. Just buy one...your obd is like anybody else's obd. ELM is the one most will use.
I paid around £7 for mine, used it in many cars and it is fine.

They are all very similar but yes ELM are popular and work
Ok so I found lots of different ones. Assume ELM327 obd2? And some are wifi whilst others are bluetooth. Does the torque app support both methods of connectivity?

How do you find the realtime stats, any good or laggy?

If you have an android phone then bluetooth is the one you want. AFAIK Apple phones use a wifi connection
I use wifi with the iphone in the Jeep, purely so it doesn't conflict with Bluetooth connection for phone/internet/apps. Works a treat. View attachment 59241 View attachment 59242
(Need to do some tweaking on a couple of the gauges)
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I have had an eBay one ELM327 for about 2 years & used it on numerous cars with out any issue. Paid a bout £6
Hi thanks, I found the following on amazon. Ill give it a go, I might be last to the party with this toy but once it arrives ill give it a go and if anyone else is interested in getting torque or similar working pm me and I can provide the URL once tested. Whats the 0-60 timings like on these, assume not very accurate? I have a eurocharged handheld coming end aug so wanted a play. Also going to book in some dyno runs.

Supper Mini Bluetooth Car Code Reader Compatible with Android / Droid / Torque Support OBD2 OBD II ELM327 Power
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