OBD fault code reader with live HVAC/climate control data - for W211

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Jan 29, 2015
2009 S211 220 CDI
Hi there,

I've been chasing an intermittent fault on the blower fan for the climate control system on my 2009 S211 for a while (see here S211 intermittent HVAC fan | Parts, Maintenance & Servicing).
Having replaced what I believe to be the main components, I'm looking to get a OBD reader to get the live data that the climate control panel is receiving to see if there are any clues there.

I saw a post on another forum, suggesting there is a page on the icarsoft mb 2.0, but another reply on the same post suggests the MaxiEcu seems to have a really detailed live feed (see here AC sensors reading with iCarsoft MBII - MBWorld.org Forums).

Does anyone have any recommendations for a fault code reader that can give as much information from the climate control system as possible?


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