ODB reader/app with sensor relearn function? (P0101 MAF correlation error related)

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Jun 12, 2017
S212 E250 Sport Estate
W212 E250 CDI (OM651) - changed the inlet manfold after getting a boost leak and swirl flap return position errror. Also found a bolt missing from the EGR and a substantial leak that had been driven with undetected for a while.

Finally all back together and running but I now have a P0101 code (displayed as P0101 62 on my health report). I have tried to clear it but it comes back instantly. Yes it could be a leak in my inlet system or EGR but it comes back straight away and I can't hear any whistling. Engine off I get a reading of 0.16g/s, idle that rises to around 100g/s at the 3k limp mode rev limit.

I have also put a brand new Mahle air filter in. I have checked the pressure sensor immediately after the MAF - all looks clear. There is a sensor on the elbow down after the throttle body - which is pressure I think? I did visually check it was clear but could try and fish it out and recheck but googling would suggest 50% of advice is that the car needs driving or an ODB/star triggered relearn. Got it's MOT tomorrow so first time I can drive it on the road is on the way with fingers crossed. I have spoken to my local specialist who is skeptical it needs a relearn after an inlet manifold so I am planning to drive the car straight to them after the MOT for diagnosis (on the way home).

I have a Launch 429C which doesnt seem to have a relearn function. it does have a throttle relearn but I am not sure that will work while a DTC is active. I saw some people say their cheap readers had a relearn function and I do have a cheap Vgate BT reader that I previously linked to Torque so wondered if anyone knew of an app that had the relearn or are they all pretty much read data/codes only?

Any other ideas?

Oh and I did re-use my swirl flap actuator so that shouldnt need coding in.
Update on this. Ended up taking it for it's MOT and failed, as expected, on the engine light. No other advisories. Dropped it off at the local specialist on the way home and they did the relearn from their software (presumably Star) and all sorted.

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