odd alarm going on and off/ PSE spillage/ SAM?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Olivier, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Oct 30, 2008
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    here is the story:
    A little while ago the alarm went off about 2/ 3 times for no reason? I didn't look more into it, thinking it might just have been a door not looked properly.
    Then I went for a little trip and was loosing the boost once in a while, when I stopped and restarded the engine, all was good again.
    Few days later I had the red dot from the towing switch that was lit all the time...
    I found out later that I had some water spillage on the PSE during the trip. Then I guess this is why I was loosing the boost as the PSE was getting wet.
    After drying all the connection, the light in the towing switch disseapered, result :)
    but, there is always a but, the alarm goes on when even it want, but there is no light blinking at all, only the siren. Is this a symtoms of something with only the siren and nothing else, like the battery, SAM, what ever?
    I also now have a battery drain, the alarm might drain the battery, or SAM is draining the battery then the alarm is kicking in as I have a low battery ( is that possible?)
    Or it is the PSE that is dead and the battery too?
    Remember the alarm went off few times prior the spillage too.
    Any imput are welcome :)
    I don't want to go to MB yet for a 50 quid scan.

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