Odd Electrical Issues

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Jul 3, 2022
Hi MBClub, I'm new to the forum but hoping someone might be able to help with an annoying electrical issue I'm having with my A250.

It started about 6 months ago when the stop start stopped working.

Then the radio started playing up, freezing on some screens like the warning screen during start up and sometimes not turning on at all.

Recently the SOS inoperative message is displayed when the car is turned on which seems to be connected to the radio as the message goes away on the rate occasions that the radio does turn on.

Also noticed that on the occasions that the radio turns on, the Comand control in the centre console doesn't work. By not working, I mean it doesn't do anything, not that the rotary part is not working, the whole thing is inoperative.

There was also an issue with the car intermittently not starting at all but Mercedes have fixed that by replacing the clutch pedal position sensor.

I'm fairly capable with cars and have been through most of the basics, fuses are all fine, voltage is present at all of the relevant fuse box terminals, the main battery has been replaced which has resolved the start stop issue. There is no aux battery on the car.

Mercedes had the car for an hour to diagnose the fault but they were unable to do so and now want the car for a few days to take the dash out and check fuses etc in the back of the unit but I'm not sure that this will help, mainly because the radio does turn on at times.

Please can anyone shed light on what else might be wrong?

The car is a 2015/16 A250. Not sure what different systems there are in a Merc, but it has Nav, reverse camera and Tel. None of these work unless the radio is on.

Thanks for listening 😁
Also not sure if it's relevent but the radio reception has been shocking ever since I got the car. It is not DAB.

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