Odd Hands-Free Entry Behaviour

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Nov 6, 2007
North Oxfordshire
His - Denim Blue A220 AMG Line Premium / Hers - Obsidian Black R172 SLK55

My E63 has hands-free access to the boot, which is achieved by making a kicking motion under the rear of the car and as long as the key is on your person the boot lid will either open or close.

I park my car on my drive overnight (garage full of motorcycle, workbench etc.) with the rear of the car close to the garage door.

The Event:

Monday morning I walked out of the house and, as always on a working day, as I approached the car I pressed the boot open button on the key fob so I could put my laptop and jacket in the boot. Just as I leant forward to do so there was a "bong" noise and the bootlid started to close - totally uncommanded, or so I thought.

Then I spotted next door's cat nonchalantly heading off from under the rear of the car :D

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