Odd MOT advisories

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Aug 23, 2015
I took my CLS for an MOT yesterday and as with the previous MOT it passed no problem.

Except one advisory that has never come up on any other MOT it's had. 'Under tray fitted'. :confused:

The guy muttered something about not being able to check things due to it having an under tray. It wasn't until I got home that I gave it more thought and should have questioned him a little more. It's a standard under tray that's been on the car since it left the factory and is an advisory that I can't rectify. :wall bash:

Doubt I'd have got very far if I had questioned it but I thought that's either ridiculously pedantic or just stupid as I'm sure most cars have an under tray of some sort.

Anyone else had some strange MOT advisories?
I always used to have that on my old Mk8 Honda Civic. MOT'd my S212 last week and it wasn't mentioned.
Welcome to the vagaries of MoT testing. :thumb:

It all depends on the consistency of the testers, which is frequently determined by which side of the bed they got out of in the morning, and how long it's been since they last got laid.

On several occasions I've seen vehicles fail for something that the same tester had passed previously (in one case for 7 consecutive years) :confused:
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They are covering themselves for areas they cant check due to the under tray being in the way, they won't remove anything whilst testing.
Sounds stupid, most cars come with an under tray now. Wouldn't surprise me if they come up with a 'doors fitted' advisory next time.
They are covering themselves for areas they cant check due to the under tray being in the way, they won't remove anything whilst testing.

Yeah, I've heard of similar things before and I assumed it was an ar$e covering exercise.

Just odd how no other MOT tester out of the last 6 or 7 it's had show that as an advisory. Where as if it was necessary it would have been highlighted on every one.
It's more an 'observation' than an 'advisory' and pretty standard on every MoT I've attended over the last 10yrs
To be fair, a lot of brake and fuel pipes are hidden by undertrays. They trap road debris abit like your wheel arches, so can increase corrosion to said pipes.
Breaking news:

MOT testers are human.
Simply to cover themselves stating the undertray could obscure the visibility some parts of the car
This one's my favourite: -

Simply to cover themselves stating the undertray could obscure the visibility some parts of the car

^ This.

My ST1300 Pan-European was given a similar "advisory" this year, as the fairing / bellypan obscure access to check parts of the frame for possible corrosion.
I appreciate them covering their ar$es but to many a advisory is a sign of a problem. In fact just looking online at the definition of an advisory....

"Advisory Notices. Sometimes a car will pass the MOT but the mechanic will include 'Advisory Notices'. These are problems with the car that may not have caused it to fail the test, but need to be addressed ASAP. They should not be ignored."

It's an advisory on a problem that I cannot rectify? So based on that it can never have an advisory free MOT even though it's a factory spec car.

I can see what people are saying about it restriction the view of certain things etc. and I appreciate that. But if this wasn't just pedantry surely every MOT would show the same thing!?
WTF do they want you to do, remove it?
One of my cars had the advisory that:
"Item restricting view from windscreen removed prior to MOT Test"

Essentially they put in an advisory for an item that wasn't there which could cause any interference or issue. If there had been something in the way that they had to remove then it would have been different but no.
Some do the same when child car seats are fitted Mine has an advisory for the seat belts not being fully inspected due to the child seats.
When researching SL's I looked at a lot of MOT histories, the one re under trays came up quite a lot over the last 2 or 3 years. I also had some weird fails like....

No number plates fitted
Drivers door wont open
Handbrake lever missing

Didn't the car owners notice any of these things before they took it in!
In the not too distant future,I expect the MOT fee will rise to allow for the tester to remove the undertrays and inspect the condition of brake pipes etc.

I think it was Terry at Wayne Gates that mentioned taking the covers off an E class that hide the rear brake pipes. They were in a dangerous condition that wouldn't be spotted in a current MOT test.
Isn't this to cover the notorious rusty crossmember problems on the W211?

Not that I've had one, but apparently the crossmember rusts uinseen because of the Undetray covering it.

Then one day, the crossmember lets go, usually when driving along and hitting a bump. Not desirable.

The comment might be to remind the owner of any Mercedes to have a look, just in case.

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