Odd rim size tyre question (8/18/et37

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Jan 28, 2016
I have a spare set of wheels that I know fit the ML320/W163 as it was delivered with them on (happy). 255/55/18

However I'm now running 275/55/17 on a set of MB appropriate alloys.

Question, whilst restoring the 8/18/h2/et37; what tyres could be fitted?

Having lived with 275 I do not want to go less, I like the feel, driveability, and nothing to declare looks of the fat tyre are all a plus.

So what tyre sizes are passable on the above? 8/18/h2/ET37

Looking at a chart for MLwheels, it appears that 285x50x18 will fit an 18x8 wheel. But this refers to a W164. There are no 18x8 OEM wheels produced for a W163 so I assume the ones supplied with your ML are aftermarket wheels.

If they are Mercedes wheels, look on the back and a Part number should be embossed on a spoke along with the size. Have a crosscheck on the website below as to what vehicle they came off originally.

Mercedes-Benz Fitting Chart and Wheel Fitment Guide | Alloy Wheels Direct

Mercedes M Class Alloys (W163) - Alloy Wheels Direct
Cheers, they are clearly aftermarket, as I can't find this spec' with a 37 offset ever fitted to any Mercedes, unless one of the unspecified Brabus type conversions, and yet they fit just fine.

There are various numbers embossed on the spokes, I'll try to check further.

# A215 400 002
# 01 B RT 147
# 01 12 48 003

Oddly the A215 400 002 throws up a whole selection of AMG 5 spokes that look more or less similar, just not in 8" x 18.

Calling tyre Gurus, please HELP!!!

Currently the above mentioned alloys are at the paint shop, but...

I'm at a loss as to what tyres to mount.

The old hardly used 255s could go back on, but if possible I'd prefer some new rubber.

On my ML320 I have 275/55/17 quite like the foot print.

Does anyone know if a 285/55/18 tyre on my spare set of wheels will "rub" at full lock?

I've read everything I can find, but can't find a yay or nay response.

OK for info, if anyone is interested.

I went for a set of Hankook Ventus ST 285/55/18 R 113 V tyres. on the above mentioned wheels.

No rubbing issues at all, they fill the arches very nicely, and are surprisingly quiet even with the window open.

The ML remains 'flat' on the fast twisty roads I have here.

Steering feel unchanged, and tracks dead straight 'hands off' (for testing only).

So far, delighted with them.

Maybe the car too close behind in the 'wet' would not be so happy as the ML leaves two dry lines on the road behind it and chucks a heck of a lot of water out of the way. Hardly surprising with 4x 285 rain profiles clearing the road, coupled with a heavy vehicle!

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