oddments tray under radio W210

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Aug 30, 2007
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On my 1998 W210 there is an oddments box under the radio, I suppose a climate control is fitted here on some models. I have converted my radar detector to remote control - the weather sealed head is behind the grill and I designed and built a remote to fit exactly in one side of the oddments box. How do I get this box out so I can feed the wire through the back of it ? Any help most welcome. Pics of install when finished, but the remote looks really good and does exactly what the main unit does. I notice a that laser detectors are expensive yet the electronic part you need is aruond £1.00 so my next project is a laser responsive number plate, fed into my remore control system. Well, its something to do...:)
Welcome! Can't help with your questions but must say what you are doing sound intriguing! Hope you post the results with a how-to!
Remove the radio and with your other hand you need to push 2 clips one on top and one below and slide it forward. I changed mine for a cassette holder and glasses storage compartment.
Or if you don't have radio removal keys remove the centre console flat trim by lifting, then undo the two screws holding the ashtray liner then pull the ashtray out and reach to the rear of the tray for the clips.
Thanks for that guys. When fitted I wil post pics and info. I have a feeling that a discreet remote for radar detectors could be popular, and not so very expensive either. The point is, any detector can be made into a remote with the system I have designed and it will even tell you if there is a problem with the detector. More to come...

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