Off on a Bike tour to of Wales this weekend

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Jan 23, 2022
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Well, when one of my friends suggested that we should all meet up at Magor services and take a round trip of Wales, ending up in St Davids for the night, I thought 'great' ..... And then it was mooted to do this in October!! I thought immediately about how much goose fat in would be using to stay warm and dry ...

Still i booked our rooms months ago and the 14 of us ( We meet twice a year as we are the class of 1982 and still ride ) are committed. I am taking my trusty 2000 Model year Yamaha XJR 1300 that i purchased new. The earlier run i took my 1996 Honda Shadow ACE 1100 .

It is going to be DRY and WARM!!!

Happy days

Is anyone else making the most of the Autumn reprieve??


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So did I!!!.....but I'd much rather do it ICE powered!!! I used to have a 96 XJR1200 (the one before yours but very similar)_..... I bought it bog stock and black...sold it a while later not bog stock.....or black!

Enjoy you trip.

My 1200....
Moped might be more appropriate for a Welsh jaunt 😂
Wonderful. Enjoy it. I have been to Wales a few times this year on my bikes. Don't worry about the 20mph bits as you wont be in towns or village much anyway.

Elan Valley loop is always good, and a particular favourite of mine is the B4391 out of Bala towards Pentre. Also the B4574 which takes you from Aberystwyth way, through Devils Bridge (and the landscape of the moon) up to the top of the Elan Valley loop and Rhayader.

Excellent riding to be had, and you have a lovely looking weekend for it. Enjoy!
Thanks all - I had a really lovely trip, loads of twisties and wonderful views, As for the 20MPH, that really didn't impact us that much..... Oddly a lot of the new 20MPH signs were up. but road markings were still 30MPH, as were the speed indicators ( You know the thing, green for below 30MPH and a smiley - So in the 20 zones they were still set for 30MPH ) Someone needs to finish the job properly, or leave well alone!

Most of the locals seemed to be ignoring the zones anyway.

All that aside thoroughly enjoyable and will be back.

@ALFAitalia - That is some beastie XJR, i would imagine that was relatively scary when you hit the NO2 button ( read 'relatively' as 'extremely' !!)
It was fun.....not that quick though. I was a 40 shot of nitrous.....but as std they are only about 98 horsepower to start still not quick by modern standards. It was how sudden the extra 40 horses appeared that made it the throttle wheelies in second and sometimes third ......with a bit of clutch!
It was how sudden the extra 40 horses appeared that made it the throttle wheelies in second and sometimes third ......with a bit of clutch!
Reminds me of a conversation I heard between two guys looking at a GSX-R at the BMF show back in the 90’s.

Bloke 1: “I didn’t know he was running nitrous now. Mind you, that bottle’s a bit on the small side.”

Bloke 2: “It might be small, but if he keeps using it the way he has been, it’ll last longer than he will.”


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