Oh dear - I think this could be a slippery slope...

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Jan 21, 2003
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No pun intended (well.. :D)

Anyway, I've fancied trying out some quality wax for quite a while - probably brand led, but liked the idea of Zymol.

Peter (C43 AMG) very kindly offered me some Zymol Cream that he had :)

I had already spent a good few hours over the weekend cleaning and waxing my 2.5-16. Looked great, but then it always does when you've finished, right? ;)

Got home today and took the 2.5-16 out to try some. All I can say is WOW. Never used anything quite like it. The paint was almost glass smooth before with a nice shine (clayed/polished), but this really is something else! :cool:

The depth of shine and the feel of the paint is hard to describe, really special. On my blue-black metallic 2.5-16, it really seems to bring out the best in her. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say she's concourse (she is after all twenty years old, very original, and has that 'patina of age'), but the results are stunning. In particular, the colour seems so pure, and the metallic flakes are very clear. I haven't tried yet, but I imagine the water will bead off very nicely too :cool:

Only done the front wings, bonnet (two coats) and boot so far, but it really has impressed me.





Excuse my obvious excitement at discovering such a product :eek: - I'm sure for all the pro detailers out there and those of you that are used to similar products will be well aware of the sort of results that can be expected, but this was a bit of a 'eureka' moment for me :bannana:

Whats the prive of such cream....and whats the exact name....i may give it a go too...
I also swear by this stuff.

I bought mine years ago and its still going strong so the cost is small when you equate how long this lasts.

I should add that this particular product is designed for darker coloured cars. For those with shiney silver cars one should look at some of the other Zymol offerings.
Actually, I must correct myself.

If you've used Zymol cream (for lighter coloured cars) on your car then you can expect even better results from using Zymol Carbon which is for darker coloured cars.

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