Oh No ! Mis-Fuelled !!

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Apr 12, 2010
C270 CDI Auto W203 - Obsidian Black (metallic)
I didn't think I'd EVER put petrol in my C270 CDI but I've just done it !!!!
I'm getting the tank flushed and the filter changed tomorrow and have my fingers crossed I've not damaged anything. I did run for 12 miles (yes 12 miles) before the engine stopped - so I'm a bit concerned I've damaged the pump.
I'll find out tomorrow :-(
Good luck and fingers crossed for you m8! Easy mistake to make! Did you keep cranking it after it cut out? As that'll probably be where a lot of the damage would occur!
Doubt it'd do any damage at all. I did the same with an Audi A3 tdi and it got 200 yards before violently coming to a halt

Paid a company £170 to drain the petrol out, at the end the guy kindly told me next time (if not a full tank) simply fill to brim with diesel and it'll be fine
Well I hope you are lucky and there is no damage,modern diesel engines run at high pressure,the fact you ran it for 12 miles and the car stopped on you does not bode well,petrol will pre ignite in a diesel engine causing high stress in the engine,many people do it,let us know how you get on.
TRUE story, my brother filled his diesel with petrol (about 2/3 petrol into 1/3 diesel still in) and managed 56 miles before if stopped. Only then because he was parked on a hill and the diesel settled to the back of the tank.

He is a mechanic - simply picked the wrong nozzle - easy done.

Tank drained - no damage done.
When I was a Traffic policeman, we ran 5 series BMW and w210 and 211 Merc diesels. In the same week. somebody filled a BM and a Merc with petrol. The BM cost thousands to repair, the Merc was drained and was fine apart from the odd hiccup for a day or so.
It's just a matter of luck and you won't really know until you try.

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