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Sep 6, 2004
I thought you migh enjoy a laugh at my expense and someone might even have an answer to my woes :(
When I got my car It had a Nokia Cark 91 kit in it. "How Ironic" I tought, given that I had just given away my old 6310i when I went freelance and moved from orange to 3 :devil: Anyhow I thought I will go and find one on ebay should be dirt cheap .... 5 minutes later! stuff that I am not paying at least a £100 for one of those :( Anyhow a bit of searching round and I found a product from a company called "LinTech" that plugs into the CARK 91 and provides a bluetooth adapter :bannana: cool I thought so I have bought one. Plugged it in and nothing... long story short got a new one and pluged it in ..... yep nothing :devil: more rooting round the inside of the car to find that the sodding car kit was not plugged in to the power OH "£$(&£(*("&%^$(*&^*(&"£Q^ anyhow I have plugged it in and indeed have power to the BT unit but the blue wire does not seem to be connected to the ignition so it will stay on until it runs my battery down :( <more swear words here> I really don't want to have to go and faf around with the ingition wiring
better yet the adapter does not work with a motorolla phone :devil: :devil:
so now I am back to square one. any thoughts ???
As for the ignition sense wire , the cig lighter is a good place to tap it from
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fuzzer said:
As for the ignition sense wire , the cig lighter is a good place to tap it from

if i was you , id either cut my losses and get a nice 6310i or get the motorola bluetooth kit fitted.
I started off with a CARK91, and after I lot of research, I got the CK-7W, it's the Nokia Bluetooth Cark Kit. Now I've got no expertise in installing car kits at all, but after I was quoted £150 for installation, I still decided to tackle it myself, allowing me a little knowledge. :)

I believe CARK91 has got 5 wires. Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Green does pretty much nothin, red is live, black is earth, yellow is attenuate radio and blue is IGNS if I'm not mistaken. Now, I'm not entirely sure, but I THINK the IGNS can plug into a socket in the head unit. It's very dark now, so I can't look, but tomorrow I'll check it out and post if I'm correct. The reason why I bring up the CK-7W is because if these is no bluetooth connection in 2 minutes, it switches itself off, not connected IGNS isn't mandatory.

Meh, I'll check tomorrow, I've gotta get behind my head unit to do some re-wiring anyway, I did shoddy job of installing that car kit. :p
cheers guys :)
I had a few beers and worked the stress out of my system (mingin hangover now though :D)

Fuzzer unfortunately I don't have a 12v lighter in the car :( (they were an option I believe!)

If I can run the blue wire off the car stereo then that might be an option. I am just a little baffled as to where the bloody thing is currently going... the kit will turn off after 20 seconds only if it detects the drop in voltage... and my main quandry really is wether to make the effort re-installing this rotten cark 91 when I know that the motorola won't even work with it :( I am not gonna waist my time on a motorola kit as I don't like the phone and will be dumping it in the nearest canal as soon as I can get a reasonable settlement out if 3 :(
OK, checked my head unit just now, sorry about the shoddy quality pics.

Now, here's what the IGNS wire from CARK was connected to:

The green wire was simply cut and connected to the blue IGNS wire (via a supplied fuse). Now, what I'm guessing is that behind the tape, that wire is connected is series with the IGNS for the radio so the unit only comes on with the ignition is on, plugged through another fuse (for the radio) and then carried by the green/pink wire (looks pink in the picture) to the ignition.

The wire from the fuse is then connected to the following pin arrangement:

This is the plug for the power and everything else, not the speakers, that's a different plug. As you can see in the top right, there is a pink and green wire. This is the wire connected to that fuse.

I guess you can either splice your car kit IGNS wire with the radio IGNS wire by the fuse in the first picture (and hold it together with some black tape like it too - ugh), or splice it with the wire that immediately enters the socket (like in the 2nd picture).

Hope any of this is of help.
Yes it does mate :) your a star :) at least I can go and get the car kit to work properly! I can then go and get a bluetooth nokia phone at some stage and it will all work :) cheers
Rain finally subsided for a few hours this morning and rewired the whole car kit,
using the instructions that Iyse kindly provided. I found out what had happened to the blue wire! The cowboy that fitted the kit in the first place, had just spiced it into the red wire :devil: So I have patched that up and routed blue into the back of my car stereo,along with the power source and the attenuation switch, and all is working fine !

Now Im just waiting for my new nokia 7600 that I got from amazon for £40 :)

Thanks for your help!

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