Oil change help for Vito v6 cdi

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Feb 13, 2017
Vito 120
I have a Vito 2008 v6 and I am about to order the oil for a change/service.
I have found this and cannot believe how cheap it is?
20 L Genuine Mercedes Benz 5W30 Low Ash SAPS Engine Oil MB229.51 Fully Synthetic | eBay


Also I have the following transmission: 722683 07 5 speed auto .
Is this the correct oil and how many litres are required for full auto / TC change ?

Fuchs Titan ATF 4134 for Mercedes - meets MB 236.14

When looking for filter for above gearbox I have found the following :

Genuine Mercedes-Benz 722.6 Automatic Gear Box Oil Filter & Gasket NEW | eBay

I did try asking MB Newcastle about parts for my oil cooler change ,but they said they woundent advise as they are not Commercial only car dealers, hence questions.

Can anybody tell me if these are all correct please :)
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Just found out these are all fine- the oil is exceptionally cheap i think its half the price of any other i can find so could change oil more frequently.

And you need nearly 8 litres of ATF or 10 if its a full flush.

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