Oil cooler leak

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Sep 21, 2023
2010 ML 300CDI sport
ive Recently purchased my 2010 ML 300CDI with 97k on the clock. Has good history but mostly none MD or Indy, but had had oil and most filters changed each year. So Merc gave it a Health check, passed with no issues. Ive had it in with an Indy today for a ATF change, and a brake fluid change as there’s no invoices to say they’d been done. They informed me of a very slight oil leak, coming from the area of the oil cooler, it’s not dripping, but is “staining” the components. They said it would be @£1k to change the oil cooler, as it’s mostly labour costs and just changing the seal would be pointless.
so is this
A: a good price for the work
B: A little dramatic at this early stage as it’s in their words a very minor leak.
My current mindset is that the car is due a minor service in 6 months, so start saving now and have the cooler changed in March..
thanks in advance for any and all opinions/advice!
The price is about right. About £200 ish for parts and the rest is labour - complete pita to get to right at the bottom of the V.
It might even be a bit more than £1k if other parts on the inlet manifold or actuators break or need replacing.
If it were mine I would leave it alone, it might have been like that for years and might not get substantially worse for several more years. Just keep an eye on the oil level and wet undertray or oil stains on the drive - then it really does need doing.
Cheers for that Smiley, I was looking at the MOT history and it had an advisory of oil leak but not excessive in January 2022, but it wasn’t mentioned in this years one.
I know the lads at the Indy, i trust them as much as any garage tbh.. they could easily have hammed it up as a major issue, but they said it’s not dripping, just staining around the component.
think I’ll start saving now, if its an issue that gets worse I’ll have it done👍.
im surprised the MD didn’t notice on their health check, and I’m wondering if Im within my rights to ask the dealer who sold me the car to fix it, although, I’m not sure I’d want his mechanic of choice fiddling about 🥴
If it is not dripping then it does not really need fixing and that's what the dealer who sold the 13 yr old car would say.
I would either do this job myself (slowly and carefully) or get someone who has done it multiple times to do it - you are asking for trouble if you get a general mechanic who has never done the job before to do it - the opportunity to mess something up if trying to rush it is high and it will cost you much more in £££ and aggro in the long run.
Sounds like the £1k they’ve quoted is perfectly reasonable, they did only charge me £240 for the ATF change too, they’re ex MD mechanics at this Indy, and peace of mind is priceless in this scenario, thanks for your time👍
Its about £1k-£1.2k

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