oil filter removal tool 2013 w212 e220

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Jun 25, 2020
Does anybody have a link for the tool? I’ve seen some which are genuine Mercedes but wonder if there are any cheaper alternatives?
Was going to say strap wrench got one for my M272

That looks rather like the MB original one I got for my M104 engine. We did an oil change last week and it was a delight. We took the air filter off but, on reflection, it wasn't necessary as the tool worked so well.

I found it brand new, by searching the part number (103589020900, I think), on eBay or Leboncoin (France) for about 30€.

Well worth having.

can I repeat the question ? I need a tool to remove my oil filter for clk 280 -w209 any link or part number ,went for strap from amazon but did not work
I just use a strap wrench ,which has other uses . As for the correct tourque when re fitting the filter cap I just take an educated guess. Have guessed about 4 or 5 times now and with a new 'O' ring every time , never had a leak/problem.

Replaced countles oil filters on numerous cars in the past that do not have the plastic filter hosing system and never used a tourque wrench to tighten any of them. Elsewhere on vehicles (where it seems prudent to do so) a tourque wrench is used.
error Easy measure the filter diameter and count the flats on outer side top of oil filter . Or ask Ebay seller for one to fit your car.

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