Oil Sensor Misreading W211 OM648

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Apr 11, 2020
Southampton, Hampshire
W211 E320 CDI
Hi There Helpful Folk,

I have a OM648 E320 Cdi which i just decided to check the oil level as i do of occasion using the Digi Display.

It came back at 4.1 Litres which scared me alot. I used the dipstick and it had 6.9 litres in so i put .4 in to bring it up to spec 7.3

My question is this sensor is going up and down when i start the engine ETC so it is reading it, just very incorrectly. this has only happened over the last week or two.

I Plugged DAS in and got 72MM of oil in the sump from the sensor, apparently the range is 24-65mm so its overreading, but why the hell is the OBC telling me 4.1 litres!

And the Minimum and max mark on the dipstick is 114-134MM so why does DAS Report a expected 24-65?

Any help would be great, do i just need a new sensor?

Thanks in Advance.


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