Oil temperature Sender

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Nov 29, 2002
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Hi All,

First question on the E500.

Talbir had a very rare Brabus display unit that reads out Oil Temp & Outside Temp.

Outside Temp all works well but oil temperature doesnt - mainly because neither of us know how it connects!

There is a oblong shaped "connector" on the wiring but not sure how it works.

Where would oil temp normally be read from? are these sensors fairly universal?

Cant think of many other MB's that have an oil temp display..
My old disco had an oil temp sender for the auro gearbox in the cooler lines to the rad so i would guess anywhere you can get easy access to the oil flow would do the trick.

T piece on the oil pressure switch?

I suppose the ultimate would be in the sump but thats prob a lot of hassle.

thanks, I will look into that tomorrow.
All of the 16 valve 190s (2.3-16s and 2.5-16s) have an oil temperature gauge.

I'd have to look into where the sender for this is though, not sure whether it's in the sump/filter housing/pipework to the oil cooler etc.


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