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Jun 1, 2002
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I had my benz serviced in Jan at 59K, and have just had my oil light flashing at me today. I checked the oil this morning and its on the minimum.... Added a litre and will top when at home tonight...

I do drive it on the Tip box quite allot holding it in gears when i fancy a bit of a raz, I have covered 4700 miles since the service in Jan. I called George Fraser this morning as I too noticed a very small amount of white smear deposit in the cap, nothing like the mayonaise of the severe knackered head gasket look!!

I asked George about the Head gasket and he was quite confident that this is not the case but I'm off there tomorrow to get my breathers blown through as this can apparently lead to my problem.

I would like all of you techy engine bods to let me know what you think....Where's all the bloody oil gone??? It doesn't drop any and as far as I can see It doesn't burn any..... I'm putting it down to hard driving unless told otherwise!!

Yours puzzled....
Hi Greg,

With a '98 E240, I guess I've got the same engine as you. I've got 80K on the clock now.

I did notice the engine use about a litre of oil between 40 and 50K - this was the first service under my ownership. Since then its been as good as gold. The engine has been run with Mobil1 0W/40 or Castrol RS all its life - I wouldn't use anything else.

You may get slight oil consumption as the oil is used as a lubricant to the top end (a job formerly taken by lead in petrol) - the design of the engine may permit this to take place.

Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. Mine was last serviced at 69K, and hasn't used a drop in 11,000 miles. Driving is mostly motorway or dual carriageway. I don't have a tip box but do use manual changes from time to time.

Best of luck,

Maybe I'm used to lesser motors, but Vauxhall actually say that oil consumption of 0.5 litres per 1000 miles is perfectly acceptable in a NEW car !

My SL has used about 1.5 litres, in 6000 niles so I'm happy - In fact the first top up since the last service was the sat evening before the GTG

Originally posted by Mark300SL
Maybe I'm used to lesser motors, but Vauxhall actually say that oil consumption of 0.5 litres per 1000 miles is perfectly acceptable in a NEW car !

This is Correct Mark.;)

All cars use some! It also depends how you drive them Wheelie.:rolleyes:

Thrashing them will increase consumption, as the engine needs more lubricant to the pistons/liners, as stated before.

The answer is - Stop thrashing it in Manual override, or keep topping it up mate.:rolleyes:
I rebuilt my outlaws Honda engined 1.6 Rover

After 78,000 miles (since rebuild) it has used just one litre of oil between services!

Thats an oiltight engine :)

Mine was using oil too , i had to fill it up with about 3.5 litres between services.

My A160 never used a drop:(
Come to think of it , i think there was a problem with the V6 engines using oil when they came out at first. I think the solution was to use a mineral oil or similar in them , something thicker and leave it in and then when it needed changine at the next service , go back to normal and it sorted the problem. Ask Andy Gale on the other board , im sure it was him that posted that.
Benz vs Vauxhall.

1994 Vauxhall Cavlier - 123,000 miles - Uses no oil at all.
1996 C200 - 72K - Uses about a litre every 5,000 miles

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